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Restorative Dentistry – Keller, TX

Helping Your Teeth Look and Feel Like New

From biting too hard on a piece of ice to a sudden blow to your mouth, there are plenty of ways you could find yourself with a damaged tooth. Leaving the damage exposed for too long could result in an infection as well as a more severe injury – and in extreme cases the tooth could be lost altogether. With the carefully chosen high-quality materials at Ridgepoint Dental, Dr. Walia can bring your damaged teeth back to full size and strength while also restoring their dazzling appearance. Call us today if there’s a spot in your smile that’s been broken or worn down.

Why Choose Ridgepoint Dental for Restorative Dentistry?

  • Single-Visit Crowns Available
  • A Down-to-Earth
    Dental Team
  • Carefully Customized Treatment Plans

Dental Crowns

Model smile with dental crown restoration

A crown can be placed for various reasons. Some are completely cosmetic, but generally speaking they’re used to repair and protect a badly damaged, weakened, or decayed tooth. Each crown is carefully designed based on the color and shape of the original tooth as well as the teeth around it; this way, the final restoration will look as natural as possible once it has been placed inside your mouth. This is possible by using porcelain, a ceramic material that mimics both the color and reflective properties of natural enamel, letting it blend in with the mouth far better than metal can.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Dentist checking patient's smile after tooth colored filling restoration

Metal fillings generally require us to remove a certain amount of enamel from your tooth; this is necessary to hold the material in place. On top of that, the metal will tend to stand out whenever you laugh or smile. But if composite resin is used instead, it can be blended and shaped to the point where casual observers don’t even realize it’s not a natural part of the tooth. Furthermore, since it bonds with the tooth itself, there’s no need to make changes to the overall dental structure.

One-Visit Restorations

Dental team member using one visit dental restoration milling unit

Instead of living with a temporary crown for weeks, you can receive a permanent restoration right away thanks to modern dental technology. We simply need to make the usual preparations to your teeth before taking the appropriate impressions and using them to carefully design and create your crown (or even more than one crown) in just one visit. There’s no need to wait to enjoy a stronger, healthier grin; Dr. Walia can bring you the high-quality crowns you deserve as quickly as possible.